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Accessibility coaching: a quality approach

We consider accessibility as the removal or circumvention of barriers due to disability situations related to the use of digital technologies.

It is therefore both a social inclusion approach and a quality approach.

This quality is not added at the end of the project as an additional function or icing on the cake. It is rooted throughout the development process and concerns the various production roles: project management, graphic design, writing, architectural design, integration, programming, quality control, training, etc.

Our approach is therefore to accompany you throughout the web content production to evaluate and remediate accessibility issues and make you endorse these good professional practices and the vigilance they require.

The classic way is to work as the following scenario, including all or part of these steps:

  1. Initial meeting with the team members
  2. Formal accessibility assessment of the wireframe
  3. Formal accessibility assessment of design concepts
  4. Formal and functional assessments of an HTML template (HyperText Markup Language)
  5. Formal and functional assessments of a sample of selected pages

Your own tables accessibles

Our data table corrector transforms for you your HTML data table for free in an accessible table.

Formal and functional assessments

Formal assessment verify compliance with the entirety of the accessibility criteria of a standard on a given sample, through questions and answers. A detailed written report indicates encountered errors and possible solutions.

Functional assessment uses adaptation tools (including screen readers) to simulate scenarios of use. A detailed written report is also included.

Accessibility Technology: HTML, Word, InDesign, PDF, NVDA

We offer accessibility related training on the following linked to the SGQRI 008 and WCAG 2.0 standards, in French and English:

  • Technical accessibility: Web, HTML, JavaScript, CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)
  • Word to PDF: How to ensure the production of a accessible PDF document (Portable Document Format) with Microsoft Word (Word 2002-2013, Acrobat Pro 9, X or XI)
  • D'InDesign to PDF: How to ensure the production of a accessible PDF document with InDesign (InDesign 5.5, Acrobat Pro 9, X or XI)
  • Non Visual DIsplay Adapter (NVDA): How functionally evaluate a web site with NVDA

Other customized trainings are available on request. Training can take place in your facilities (adding the travel costs).

Vincent François aux Îles-de-la-Madeleine.


Vincent François is a senior digital accessibility expert since 2005, from the first cohort of experts in Montreal. He co-founded the AccessibilitéWeb Coop in 2006, and was vice-president, general manager then president.

As as trainer, he trained nearly 1,000 peoples, coming from the Quebec government or private sector, in French and English, on all and every aspects of accessibility: for integrators, designers, programmers, ergonomists, editors, project managers, architects, both for websites or downloadable documents (PDF, Word, etc.)

W3C (World Wide Web) invited expert, he participated in 2011 and 2012 in the Evaluation and Methodology Taskforce.

With a French state diploma in computer engineering from the École Supérieure d'Informatique Electronics-Automatic (ESIEA) in Paris since 1990, he hold many different positions and responsibilities in the development of software and websites.

Vincent François received in 2014 the Quebec National Assembly Medal.

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